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Do you like to read about new developments in science and other fields? Are you tired of "science by press release"? 무료 슬롯머신 게임 2019 www.forextradingtricks.com is your place. 무료 슬롯머신 게임 2019 www.forextradingtricks.com allows readers to easily find blog posts about serious peer-reviewed research, instead of just news reports and press releases.

How it works

  • Bloggers -- often experts in their field -- find exciting new peer-reviewed research they'd like to share. They write thoughtful posts about the research for their blogs.
  • Bloggers register with us and use a simple one-line form to create a snippet of code to place in their posts. This snippet not only notifies our site about their post, it also creates a properly formatted research citation for their blog.
  • Our software automatically scans registered blogs for posts containing our code snippet. When it finds them, it indexes them and displays them on our front page -- thousands of posts from hundreds of blogs, in one convenient place, organized by topic.
  • Our editors identify the notable posts in each major discipline, publishing the results 무료 슬롯머신 게임 2019on our news page.
  • Other services like PubGet index our database as well, so every time readers search for a journal article, they can also locate blog posts discussing the article.
  • The quality of the posts listed on our site is monitored by the member bloggers. If a post doesn't follow our guidelines, it is removed from our database. Borderline cases may be discussed publicly on the blog as well.

We also provide bloggers with an icon they can use to show when they're talking about a peer-reviewed work that they've read and analyzed closely.

There are already over seven thousand blog posts using the icon, and now it's easier than ever to find them.

If you're a blogger who writes about serious research, Research Blogging offers you a way to distinguish your serious posts from news, politics, family, bagpipes, and so on. We can direct your regular readers -- and new readers -- to the posts you've worked the hardest to create. All you need to get started is a blog and a peer-reviewed research report that you'd like to discuss.

Who are we?

무료 슬롯머신 게임 2019 www.forextradingtricks.com was created by bloggers for bloggers, with the input of bloggers and blog readers.

The site is powered by SMG Technology.

English Editor: S.E. Gould
Associate English Editor: GrrlScientist
Associate English Editor: Kevin Zelnio
Associate English Editor: Tom Rees

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German Editor: Tobias Maier
Associate German Editor: Lars Fischer
Associate German Editor: Thilo Kuessner

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Spanish Editor: Evaristo Rojas-Mayoral
Associate Spanish Editor: Cesar Tome Lopez
Associate Spanish Editor: Efrain De Luna

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Portuguese Editor: Atila Iamarino
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Associate Portuguese Editor: Tatiana Nahas

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Chinese Editor: Andrew Sun
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Polish Editor: 무료 슬롯머신 게임 2019January Weiner
Associate Polish Editor: Doskonale Szare
Associate Polish Editor: Ewa Krawczyk

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Content Editors
Biology Editor: Jarrett Byrnes
Biology Editor: Vincent Racaniello
Health/Medicine Editor: Peter Janiszewski
Social Sciences Editor: Krystal D'Costa

Past Editors
Editor (2008-12): Dave Munger
Physical Sciences Editor (2010-12): Sarah Kendrew
Psychology/Neuroscience Editor (2010-12): Jason Goldman
Associate English Editor (2008-10): Will Boncher
Health/Medicine Editor (2009-10): Travis Saunders
Editor-at-Large (2009-10): Dr. Skyskull

Readers can provide input to make the site run better by commenting on our blog, and by identifying posts that may not live up to our standards.

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Do you have a question or suggestion about the site? We'd love to hear from you. You can discuss the site on our news blog, or you can email us at admin@researchblogging.org.

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Do you write about peer-reviewed research in your blog? Use 무료 슬롯머신 게임 2019 www.forextradingtricks.com to make it easy for your readers — and others from around the world — to find your serious posts about academic research.

If you don't have a blog, you can still use our site to learn about fascinating developments in cutting-edge research from around the world.

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